I’ve got this from a border
Of a place with no soul to bare
They bleed from every corner
And no one seems to care.

They made it down the river
Where they left their dreams to dry
I waded in muddy waters
But never heard your baby cry.

No meaning in tomorrow
The past is yesterday
There is no time for sorrow
They’ve given it all away.

A far away place
From the world that I know
It stares me in the face
But I’ve got nowhere to go.
I was looking for an answer
To say you’ll have it good
I took my departure
I left you where you stood.

A chance lost in time
To change the way things are
And if it ever was a crime
We’ve let it go too far.

So much is there to do
I can’t leave this thing alone
But I am not you
I need out of this war zone.

And if you can forgive
I will never know
You might have been naïve
And I never felt so low.

I took my leave in silence
Like a coward in the night
If not for self-reliance
Who else is going to fight?

Foto: On the banks of the Moei, Burma ’08