Long sought freedom at your door
Not too long and you’ll be on your way
But a life time of baggage hinders you more
Packing bits and pieces till the last day

Far away across the oceans
Crossing many lands
Oblivious of the notions
Of your life as it stands

Arriving in your mother country
Not knowing what you’ll find
Meeting long missed family
Friends and places from another time

Into another phase of life
Not knowing what doors are going to open
Cut your doubts with a razor-sharp knife
It ain’t bad, it ain’t broken

Will you miss what you left behind?
The friendly people and the friendly faces
Will they linger in your mind?
The wonderful songs and the hard won races

In the mystery of life place your trust
For no one knows what will happen to us
All we can do is hope for the day
That you will return to have your say