Did it feel good when I went down
I felt the drips but it wasn’t my brow
We had our moment in the sun
I learned my lesson, it’s time to run


Stuck around till I heard the call
One day at the time and I can’t keep still
Jumped around from bed to bed
Should have done it alone instead

But I’ll take a piece with me
For wherever I will be
And all the miles in between
A vision splendid of a sight unseen

And if there is anymore to say
Don’t keep it in just give it away
Hear my voice from time to time
Winds of change, nothing stays the same

Swan songs are not my thing
It hurts a little but it’s like a sting
Cast your mind on something else
Because you know that it could be worse

There will always be a thing of two
That will remind me of why you
But what starts must always end
Ciao for now, will you be my friend?

Foto: Blossoms, Adelaide ’08