I used to think that I had it all!

The crashing waves and the hot white sand,
but I gave it all up for a different land
I thought it was right and I thought it was good
I felt that I did all that I should
But it all came to pass. Oh, what have I done?
I left the waves in search for no one
Then the skies turned blue and I found my mate
Wanted it so bad that I couldn’t wait
It was sunny and bright and full of love
I could see the heavens open from far above
The sun shun brightly for a very long time
then the darkness drew nearer and blew my mind
It wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be
But it was something I wished my eyes would not have seen
I miss the waves and the white hot sand
I now know why I took my stand
For the heat and the mould is now under my skin
I have no regrets for the life I am in
We leap and we jump into what we think is right
But at the end of the day it’s not worth the fight
So we live and we learn and we just ride the wave
through good times and bad times until we are saved
Life is a gift so precious and free
so just ride the wave and remember me!

Foto: Manly Beach, ’05