sunsetA day of splendour
and this guitar is my only friend
No easy answer,
I’m just trying to understand
If I can’t be what you are looking for
can I be anything at all

Life goes on


Walked the field of dreams
and so it was
Cast my eyes
on the prettiest rose
A voice came screaming from behind
What you are looking for you will find

Time to unwind

I love the sound
that my nights bring
I love the cry
of these laconic strings
Yell your name if you are there
I’ll run my fingers through your hair

If you care

Life goes on, so I’m told
Would you come into my world
You are welcome as you are
Bring your voice to this guitar

The journey continues
and I must be on my way
Chasing my dreams
night and day
Follow me if you desire
Don’t get caught in the cross fire

Time to aspire

A night of splendour
and this guitar is still my friend
No easy answer
but I think I understand
If we can’t be what we are looking for
Can we be anything at all

Life goes on

Foto: Sunset over Burma, ’08