BestShe was so young, so soft and small
she ran so fast from wall to wall
she drove us all mad with her cries in the night
jumping out of bed to turn on the light
she was touched and loved and put back to rest
but even poor Earnie could not do his best
the ice cream was cold, so smooth and sweet
she looked like a child upon a seat
she grew and she learnt and she loved and she knew
that we would be there for her through and through
now she’s a mum so proud and sure
she shivered so much as you held her paw
the years roll on but the love never dies
I only have to look in her eyes
she is so determined to please and to guard
but now she is old she just sleeps in the yard
I look at her face and her deep brown eyes
and know in my heart she holds back no lies
what a true friend so loyal and calm
as I sit and watch I feel her paw in my palm
goodnight my girl I will see you soon
as I jump into bed and gaze at the moon
I will love her always with all my heart
I dread the day when its time to part.