TreeI was the stranger in town
He, the king with no crown
For time had taken its toll
And every empire must fall
He too once looked big
And I in his hands just a twig
But a life from a forced hand
May grow to never understand


She couldn’t look in my eyes
For fear had turned into lies
But bimbi grow as they must
Some slow some fast
Can’t forget but you can forgive
Everyone deserves a reprieve
And the man who once was a boy
Took it all into one sky

Can’t forget against your will
‘cause memories won’t keep still
And the man who now is a wreck
Won’t have time to give back
Would he change if he could?
Or every thing turns as it should
And the twig that wasn’t meant to be
Never longed for the roots of his tree

One by one the game goes on
For every old a new one is clone
And the wheel that now is in motion
Won’t stop at every station
I know how lucky I have been
For what I have done and what I have seen
But sometimes I catch me think
I wish his cum would have stayed in the sink