The G8 is coming.
Its leaders worth Billions
To the centre of Devastation
To make all the hard decisions.


The Airports’ been re-furbished
The roads are repaired,
Their homes are destroyed
The earth is still shaking
Residents of L’Aquila live on in despair.

In tents of canvas, in camps in the open,
Nothing can hurt them now, their lives are already broken.
For three months long they have been hoping,
For something to be done by the government they’ve chosen.

The area has been militarised, and censorship prioritised,
The media is long gone
The world now de-sensitised.

I have a friend in the middle of it there,
The stench of scandal, he says,
It permeates the air.

The G8 is coming, leaders of the rich and free world,
But what good will they do,
For all the little boys and girls.

The victims it seems, they won’t
see a cent,
For the Politicians benefit,
it has already been spent.

They preach at the lectern and
scream from the pulpits,
Manipulating the truth with all
sorts of bullshit.

Relying on distractions to make us forget,
Michael Jackson right now,
What will it be next !!!!!!!