Walking through the aisle
like an Escher sketch
The complicity of a smile
The road, a beautiful long stretch

I love it when you teach
I love it how you learn
Sometime life’s a glitch
but your grip is always firm

I love it when you lead
I love it how you follow
I love your heart’s creed
“there is always tomorrow”

I love it when you sip
from my wine but not my cup
Sometimes that’s just it
Sometimes you never stop

Your dreams are at your reach
 Caressing every bit
 Like a pebble on a beach
 I’m glad I’m part of it

Hanging from the vine
of life Mean Street
you paint the steepest climb
with no shade of deceit

You cut the cherry down
with a Midas stroke
welcome each new sound
with your own time clock

The dust that you sprinkled
so far and ever wide
has been my guardian angel
at my toughest time

And if I were ever lost
in a sea of reaching hands
I know that I’d like most
to know that you’re my friend

Your dreams …

For when one road becomes two
this is the written law
in my skies anew
I’m sure to find your glow

‘cause like an Escher sketch
that goes forth but in time returns
there’s never a homestretch
but a fire that always burns

Will it be at a distance
or may be hand in hand
there will always be an instance
when we’ll take the same stand

And if I were ever blinded
by a sea of reaching hands
I’d know there is a kindred
that I can call my friend