FireSunday morning wake up on the lazy side of doing
The sun’s burning high, don’t know where you’re going
The world seems bigger, drag your feet and it’s ok
The sapphire above is as blue as the sky


A wish flies higher, but won’t tell anyone
Hear it tic away, change the time zone
Nothing can stop you even if you try
Listen to the wind, he’s got something to say

If you’re missing the tear rolling down your neck
If you hear the voices of those who won’t come back
Load your boots and give them a workout
If they can’t hear you now, they won’t hear you if you shout

Stranger than strange is the stranger in you
Follow the dark side that won’t shine through
Give’em back what you’ve never had
Can’t lose a thing if you’ve got nothing to shed

With each passing moment the day rolls by
Watch it play up. Should you go or should you stay
Listen to the wind, he will tell you what to do
He won’t let you down, he takes care of you

The sun’s hiding out, the chant begins to tire
Flame’s burning low, put a log on the fire
This lazy feeling belongs to Sunday
You’ll be back tomorrow under a new sky