Pic 1

Three hours and twenty minutes of loud, live, Stadium Rock. An unforgettable birthday gift, thanks Carlo & Tiziana. Bruce Springsteen, Olympic Stadium, Rome


Pic 2

This one’s for Nat, who ventured first to these shores, lone and at a tender age. Mesmerised by the scene, kept saying “you gotta see it”. I did son, thanks for the tip. Scilla (RC).

Pic 3

The view from Monteluco. (Pic by BC)

Pic 4

Sheep changing hue.

Pic 5

The Rock kissed by the morning sun. Rocca Calascio.

Pic 6

From one domain to the next.

Pic 7

L’Infiorata. Palestrina (Rm)

Pic 8

What goes up …

Pic 9

Do we all share the same dream?

Pic 10

Sing your dreams.

Pic 11

One big ashtray.

Pic 12

On the way to breakfast.

Pic 13

The walls say it all.

Pic 14

Silvia practicing at the beach.

Pic 15

At 2.200m it’s never summer.

Pic 16

Music of a time.

Pic 17

Solidarity everywhere.

Pic 18

Casilino 900.

Pic 19

Doda found her place in the sun.

Pic 20


Pic 25


Pic 22

The morning after a night under the stars.

Pic 21

The roofs above the Tirreno.

Pic 26

My home for three months.

Pic 27

When the open road caves in. Polistena (RC).

Pic 28

The stage of my first gig. They were mad, I was scared.

Pic 29

Trust. (Pic by BC).

Pic 30

In the streets of San Lorenzo. (Pic by BC).

Pic 32

The Calendimaggio, Assisi.

Pic 33

View from the car window (Pic by BC).

Pic 35

My first day of paid work in Italy. (Pic by SP).