How was it for you little darling, on your journey home?
Did you make the last train, or were you left on the platform alone? 

Did you sit next to the man who drowned his dreams in the drink,
or the last of the workers far too tired to think?
Did you hear the bangs in the back from the rowdiest kids on the bloc,
or the drone of the sleepy driver, callin’ out the last stop?

How was it for you little darling …

Did you see the lights disappear down the long and dark track,
or you ran faster than time to claim your seat at the back?
Did your heart beat speed up when you set out on your walk,
or was it just a relief to be alone with your thoughts?

How was it for you little darling …

What was it you saw that you hadn’t seen before?
Could a stranger’s hand have kept you out of the cold?
I guess we’ll never know, ‘cause you’re not around to reveal
if you were the queen of your castle, or it’s a truth that must be concealed

How was it for you little darling …

Could you hear the whistle whining? Did you see the oncoming lights?
Did you leap yourself to your freedom, or were you too tired to fight?
Have you left something behind, a thought, a smile or a tear,
or it’s all quiet now and you can rest with no fear?

How is it for you little darling, now that you are at home?
The last train has left and there’s no one on the platform