What a waste time, was it a waste of time?
I know I said I’d never, never do the same
I should have followed another kind of sound
And never, never, never thread the same old ground

You were the hero of my sleepless nights
The knight in shining armour, winner of a million fights
What happened, can you say, ‘cause I just can’t tell
Why did your poster fall suddenly off the wall?

You left your cape behind or did you think I’d need it
I’ll leave it outside if you want to retrieve it
All you need to know is I’m going to proceed
With all the crazy plans once we had agreed

You can never say never, but I think it’s now too late
Every man must write the script to his own fate
Once it was a dash now it’s just a crawl
                                                        Is it why your poster has come off my wall?

If there ever was a time to draft the next while
I’ll do it now and I won’t cramp your style
From whence I came from I’m going to disappear
I’ll travel at my speed, I’ll grind my own gear

No one can really say where each one of us will stand
But heroes don’t come easy and you ain’t it my friend
If once upon a time was what the story told
The ending has now changed your poster is off my wall

Foto: Puss in Boot; long time ago