So, Obama got Osama, or did he?

Osama is dead, apparently? And there is no shortage of in depth analysis of what this means. Setting aside the debates in the higher echelons of academia and political hothouses, at the street level one perceives an assortment of responses. Among the more overtly noticeable are: a) the qualunquistas living the blessed life in tree-lined boulevards, behind white picket fences,  who couldn’t give a rats tail about it—their lives are not going to change a great deal other than a temporary concentration of media messages on the subject hitting them from all left, right and centre; b) those who deplore terrorism, violence and unwarranted armed conflict (if there ever was a warranted one, that is), may have a sour taste in their mouths, as the event brings to question the way justice is meted out; and c) the fanatics and those who feel alienated by the strong handed approach of foreign policy peppered with a good dose of imperialism from the global north, feel an increased rush of discord between right and wrong.

If the war against terror was aimed at demystifying a figure like Osama, well, the shot was not as accurate as the one that sent Osama to paradise faster than John Paul II is reaching sainthood. In some public quarters of the streets I’m currently walking on Osama is a hero, and his death is seen as nothing less than an execution carried out in the most unnecessary and forceful way. And there are no extremists or fanatics among those who I spoke to, ready to pull the pin and let fly, as far as I can tell. So, surprise, surprise, the villain gains bonus points, gets out of jail and secures a holy throne in the heavenly May Fair.

Now, pardon my diffidence, but if a dumb arse like me can work out that the last thing I need in my life is another idol T-shirt with a not-so-likely martyr screen printed on it, many of the half-wit press corps working for semi-accountable media seem to think along the same lines and human rights lawyers and activists hypothetically paint a grim picture of the state of  our justice methods, why couldn’t the mighty acumen of the boss of the most powerful everything in the world see it likewise? That is, that such action may turn a cretin into a powder keg.

It wouldn’t be the case, by any chance, given the US & Co. liking for fireworks that they may have ulterior motives, would it? I guess there are three ways to find out: 1) wait 30 years for sensitive documents to be declassified; 2) hope that a brave soul from the inside slips a zipped folder to Julian before they get him too; or 3) see what movements there are in the US foreign policy adjustments after this mission was also accomplished.

Foto: In the streets of Banda Aceh; ’11