Once I found a Glory
In a place where no one would look
I put her into a story
And it read just like a book

When the sun went down
With its elbows touching the earth
In the darkness all around
Glory went berserk

I thought I should go out
To find a new fairy tale
But there was no one about
I sat still for a while

A cricket jumped out of the grass
Wearing a fine looking hat
He said “you look a mess”
And gave my back a pat

Glory came to the rescue
With a platter of good advice
She stuck to me like glue
But I couldn’t fit her size

The moon played hide and seek
With the scurrilous clouds in the sky
And from a modest peak
The cricket waved me good bye

What was I to do
Once I chose alone
Glory and I were through
And the sun once again shone

But where do the crickets go
When the grass is mowed back
The curtain falls on the show
And all that’s left is the hat


Foto: Viet Nam: ’99